How to Wear a KN95 Face Mask Respirator


There are some points you need to take care about wear a KN95 Face Mask Respirator :

1.You need clean your hands with sop and water or hand sanitizer.

Then take a mask from the box.  

2. Choose the right N95 Mask and take it from the box.

3. Do not touch the masks by hand after you wear it, including N95 masks, you can only isolate the virus on the surface of the mask. If you touch the masks by hand, the virus will wet the mask with the droplets, there is still a chance of infection.

4.Make sure that the mask fits your face as closely as possible. The simple test method is: after putting on the mask, exhale hard, and air cannot leak out from the edge of the mask.

KN95 Wear Way

Then we can start wear a KN95 or N95 Face Mask: 

1.Hold the mask with the colored side or logo away from you, spread out the fold of mask by pulling left and right of the mask apart.

2.Put the mask over your nose and mouth

3.Wear and adjust the strap for fit comfortably

4.Mold the hard section around the bridge of your nose without punching to make it fit snugly

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